The industry and history


Cardoso Indústria e Comércio de Máquinas is located in Limeira, São Paulo State, Brazil.

With a total area of 3000 square meters, and near Anhanguera Highway, allows to all clients and carriers easy access, in a strategic place.

Now we have 50 employees and more than 40.000 stamp machines instaled in Brazilian industrial park.

Some years ago...

In the year of 1970, exactly in August, 18, Mr. José Geraldo Vieira Cardoso started the production of Stamp Machines.

Subsequently, began the production of Machines for Shoes Industry.

In 1975 we made our first exportation, to Bolivia.

In october, 1976 we produce the first hot stamp automatic machine, with brazilin devices and know-how . We were honored to launch it in V FACIL (a industrial fair in Limeira), with the presence of Brazilian President, Mr. General Ernesto Geisel, which was regarded with an gold stamped acrilic ash, made with our hot stamp machine CS-150.

In 1997, november 27, we started a new age with the production of Milling Cutter and Drilling Machines. In march, 1995, we celebrate the production of our 1000a. milling cutter and drilling machine model FFC-20, now traded with the name of FFC-30.

.Since the beggining, CARDOSO was present in events and fairs, showing the high quality of our products and hosting our clients and friends. In 1997, we were present in Hannover Fair, in Deutschland, opening new frontiers for brazilian trade.

Also in 1997, Cardoso family decided to open a shop in São Paulo, at 577, Piratininga Street, in Brás, on purpose to approximate to our clients, and to became possible the trade of others brands.  This shop opened in october, 6 and Francisco José Vieira Cardoso is your manager since that time.

It is important to enumerate the clients and friends in all these years, our real partners: Nugui S/A; RIMAQ, CouroPlast, Comercial Aurora, Comércio de Couros Marwal, Casa de Couros Santa Cecília, Eduardo Máquinas, Miguel Máquinas, Ferramentas Gerais, Ico Comercial, Fobrasa, Lenzi, etc...

With a lot of honor, we are pleased to remeber of our employees, with years of great colaboration and dedication to our Industry. They frequently forgot his lifes and proudly helped us to build a great industry.

... and looking to the future!

Now, near our 30 years, we, of CARDOSO, look to our proud past, and focusing on future, are waiting to reach the highest quality in our products and industry.


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